Camille Albouy

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I am currently a researcher at IFREMER. My research is focused on large-scale patterns and processes of marine fish biodiversity. I am particularly interested in forecasting the changes in marine fish biodiversity as a result of climate change using both correlative and mechanistic modelling approaches.


IFREMER - Atlantic center
Departement EMH
Rue de l'Ile d'Yeu - BP 21105
44311 NANTES cedex 3 - FRANCE
E-mail : albouycamille[a]
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Ben Rais Lasram F, Hattab T, Halouani G, Romdhame M.S, Le Loc'h F & Albouy C (2015). Cumulative human threats on fish biodiversity components in Tunisian waters. Mediterranean Marine Science.

Albouy C, Ben Rais Lasram F, Velez L, Guilhaumon F, Meynard C.N, Boyer S, Benestan L, Mouquet N, Douzery E, Aznar R, Troussellier M, Somot S, Leprieur F, Le Loc'h F & Mouillot D (2015). FishMed: traits, phylogeny, current and projected species distribution of Mediterranean fishes, and environmental data. Ecology, 96, 2312-2313.
You can read and download my phd thesis